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Dec 11, 2012 2:00am PST
were at his feet. they called him the palomino of nicosia -- the ballerino of nicosia. now he and his wife sit at home with their son. the family have debts they cannot repay. they have three loans adding up to more than 300,000 euros in total. >> it was so easy to get credit. no questions asked. they just gave us something to sign, and we did not read the small print. if you do not have a regular income and cannot make the payments and you are two or three months behind, then you have to pay a late fee. the apartment has and 85,000- euro mortgage, and we pay up to 200 euros a month just to cover the interest. >> they are not alone. cyprus has the highest level of private household debt in the entire eurozone. when the supreme economy was booming and everyone had jobs, private individuals borrowed some 20 billion euros from banks to buy cars and set up businesses, but this crisis has left many unable to pay back their loans. >> i cannot pay my debt because no customers are coming to my shop, and in addition to the credit, i have to pay rent and wages. >> my loan is 1/5 of my salary, w
Dec 30, 2012 1:00pm PST
. just a few days until the start of 2013, so we thought it was a good opportunity to look back at some of our top stories from 2012. spain -- wide business is booming. armenia -- why chess is compulsory in schools. and ireland -- why deserters had to wait decades to be pardoned. eu leaders met to discuss how much solidarity they were prepared to show with the weakest members of the eurozone. in the end, the you chose not to abandon them, but greece continues to have to make drastic cuts, leaving marks that are visible throughout the country, including a long one of the world's most famous routes -- along one of the world's most famous routes. ♪ >> at precisely 42,195 meters long, this is the route that has become the standard for all marathon runners. the course was inspired by a 2500-year old myth, only today it is run on asphalt along with the capital's main roads. this is the bay where it said the lenda battle took place in 490 bc. it marked the first greek victory over the persians. according to legend, the athenian warriors gathered in a phalanx formation and managed to fig
Dec 8, 2012 8:30am PST
wants to use the hunt as a way to draw tourists to the region. hunters pay at least 5000 euros per team to take part, money the locals could really use, so he prays to god to save spain and give people jobs. >> in our region, this really could be a way out of the crisis. we hope to get customers from abroad interested in the hunt. >> the onlookers ride in a jeep while the hunters on horseback look a bit like don quixote. seven test -- cervantes' literary hero also came from this region and felt compelled to tint -- tilt to windmills'. on a hill, a tent is set up where invited guests can quench their thirst. for hard liquor, too. animal rights activists have been up in arms since pigsticking was legalized again. before the hon gets under way, we asked the organizer weather it constitutes cruelty to animals. >> the animal suffers far less during our hunt than with other hunting methods. >> than the hunt begins. the wild boar is released from a cage, and a group of writers pursue it over open country -- a group of riders pursue it over open country. the chase is on. good horsemanship is vi
Dec 25, 2012 2:00am PST
the netherlands where the written is more important, but here, they listen to the sound. and at eddie gets its pick of the most talented pupils. it takes years for the students to earn a diploma that entitles them to play in public. playing carry on, require silence, says eddie. he finds it in the attic of his home this is where he comes to compose. >> this is where i find peace and informational -- inspiration. it is a very old house with old, wooden beams. it has a great view of the city churches and in view of the cathedral where the bells are. >> he takes the time to gather energy before he is back making music in the bell tower for the whole city to hear. >> if you want to explore european history, this is the place to go. this statue here -- that is margaret of austria. she resided here back in the early 16th century and married the spanish air to the throne. that is why the country that we know as belgium today became spanish for a while. the spanish soldiers and officers never really liked it here. they were seen as conquerors. northern europe was just too cold for them,
Dec 1, 2012 8:30am PST
. let's take a look at what is coming up in today's program -- chinese investors bring a touch of eastern promised to french vineyards. military protests in portugal bring crisis even deeper. the people of albania lived under a brutal, stalinist dictatorship for more than 40 years. one of the most brutal regimes in eastern europe. under the iron grip, hundreds of thousands died, and many more dissidents were sent to prison camps. these days, as albania tries to show a new democratic base to the world, even hoping one day to become a member of the european union, the past is still there to haunt it. former political prisoners are fighting a bitter battle for compensation, but not even hunger strikes seem likely to convince the current government. >> we go to the site of the hunger strike. the word "democracy" is still written on the wall. strikers refused food for weeks, and then police came and took away their water and medicine. this is where one strikers set himself on fire. the man did not survive. he was recently buried. >> the hunger strike was the result of 21 years of humil
Dec 22, 2012 8:30am PST
and abortion. >> at the time when this happened to me i was googling the diseases. does this happen to people often? i never knew anybody who this happened to. suddenly, people are coming out of the woodwork. it is happening all the time. >> he has been campaigning for a change in irish abortion laws for years. even rape victims, women with psychiatric problems, and those suffering from cancer are denied an abortion in ireland. >> way back in 1983, there was a decision to put an article in to our constitution which equated the life of the unborn with the life of the woman. most commentators now understand that that was a big mistake. it has caused ireland's international reputation to be damaged. it has led to a whole series of tragic cases. >> the european court of justice ruled that ireland's anti- abortion rules deny women their human rights and must be amended, but the catholic church still holds enormous sway. st. mary's cathedral in the center of dublin puts on five services every day. >> it is a catholic country, you see. that is the situation. >> completely against. only exc
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)